Boomerang CA 13 Australian fighter - Airfix 1/72

Model, text and images by Luca Cinacchio

Here it is another of mt test planes. As many of you know, I like to experiment new techniques using small, inexpensive old kits.
This Boomerang was laying on my stash since long time, so i chose it to partecipate to a serie of test that I did about weathering with AK Interactive rust enamel wash.

The first test was with the Japanese Tojo fighter (where i tested airbrushing the was very thinned), followed by this one, where i tested applying the wash not too tinned, with the brush, and then working it with the brush to "fade it" (the process is better visible on the lower fuselage). On the top I instead experimented a drybrush with a dark gray: the kit has still engraved panels lines with tons of rivet, and so a drybrush can be a valid alternative to the pinwash.

Being the Boomeran an unusual suject, for the friends wanting more infos about, here a link to the wikipedia voice:




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