Japanese Aviation Pilots and Ground Crew, REA 1/72

Review Type: 
Building review
Contents & Media: 
Interesting poses; 42 figures
Some flash; the figures come with a base that you must remove if you want to place them inside a diorama
Final verdict: 
Very recomended

I was looking for some figures to complement the two 1/72 Zero that i am building (the Airfix and Tamiya new tools) and that i want to display with a base; not just a pilot standing, but also a ground crew. 

A rapid search on Ebay leaded me to this box manufactured by the Ukraine company REA, that costed to me about $ 10 (plus shipping). In less than 2 weeks the box arrived at my home, and i decided to write this small review for the other modelers having similar need.

As you can see the boxart is nice, and also shows to you all the poses inside the box.

When you open the box you find a plastic bag, containing 3 sprue, each one with 14 figures, for a total of 42 figures: enough for many years, if you are a normal modeler.

There are 14 different posesof pilots and ground crew: again, a good choices that will make happy most of the modelers.

The plastic is very soft, similar to the plastic used many years ago by Airfix for their small soldiers... more similar to the plastic used for children toy soliders, than to the plastic used for kits. This can be a little problematic, because it is not simple to sand it, and remove the little flash present (not too much, and not more than the flash that i.e. you find in the Hasegawa WWII Pilots set).

Each figure has it own base: again a solution more for kids than for modelers, but it will be not a problem to remove it with a cutter.

For my diorama i chose 3 different poses, and i quickly painted them: I am not very good in painting figures, over all in this scale, but I hope that the image can give you a rough idea of the final result.


42 figures, 14 interesting poses, just a little flash, a reasonable price: I recomend this set to everybody wants some nice figures to complete a base to display a Zero or other Japanese WWII planes.



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