Euromodelismo 250 Special Number

Accion Press - Euromodelismo magazine
Euromodelismo 250 Special Number
Contents & Media: 
88 pagine in quality paper A4 format
Terrific quality of the models; excpetional value for the price; great photos printed on good paper; choice of the language: English or Spanish
Not easy to find at local hobby stores, but easy to order on their website
Final verdict: 
If you look for inspiration in our hobby, this is a rich and wonderful collection of master built models.


Euromodelismo it is one of the historical magazines in our hobby: already various generations of modelers have grown looking on its page for inspiration and new techniques.
After more than 20 years, the magazine reached its 250 numbers, and its publisher Accion Press decided to celebrate the event with a special luxury number, where the best modelers from all over the world shared some of their masterworks, with ful progressive building articles.

As usual with Accion Press, you can choose the edition of the magazine: English or Spanish.

While in the past the English editions always suffered of some imprecisions, this last publication represent a significative improvement in the quality of the translations.
The quality of the models presented is just superb, as of the best quality are the images that present step by step each building.

With 88 pages on A4 format at the price of 9 euro, this special number is a true bargain for the modelers of any skill.

The magazine is not easy to find at all the local hobby stores, but you can easily order it to Accion Press at this page.

Here you find a full list of the models presented:

Brief history of modeling and publications in this field of our book publisher.
6.- CHAR B FCM, Scale 1/35
MENG offers this rare and curious kit with little relevance in terms of its historical role in WWII, but considerably interesting for AFV enthusiasts mainly because of its size and peculiar looks. This is the opinion of Javier Redondo, who has reproduced with great plastic taste a wonderful camouflage scheme with an exceptional aesthetic result. This is a sample of his undeniable skills.
18.- BA 64B, Minimalistic Modeling, Scale  1/48
Joaquín García Gázquez usually feasts our eyes with glorious kits, always accompanied by figures, dioramas and scenery. He has chosen an original and fun approach by using everything –including the box- as a part of his work. A true homage to one of the pillars of this hobby; playfulness.
28.- MATILDA MK4 CS, Scale  1/35
During the first stages of operation Barbarossa, and up to 1943 during the battle for Kursk, we could see those British AFV’s which had served so well in the European continent and in Africa. Although the vehicles did not adapt well to the Russian scenario, almost a thousand units of this vehicle saw active service in the Russo-German conflict. Cristóbal Vergara – a true specialist on the subject- recreates an excellent version of this vehicle with all its peculiarities.
40.- US CAVALRY, VIETNAM 1.968, Scale  1/72
Sergio Fenoy is one of our most recent collaborators, but rising in terms of notoriety. He has become a great specialist on recreating the motion of water. It is certainly hard to see water as well represented, especially in the 1/72 scale. A sample of his particular skill is this Vietnam War scene where he has wonderfully portrayed the movement and ripples provoked on the water surface by the helicopter’s blades.
50.- F-16 CJ (Block 50) Fire over the Balkans, Scale 1/32
Although lately Javier López de Anca is working with WWII kits, in this article he is dealing with a much more modern aircraft “this is one of his planes” and this is quite plain when judging the results obtained. An F-16 loaded with missiles, fuel deposits and other accessories suitable for the most experienced modelers.
66.- Messerchmitt me 163b komet, Scale 1/32
The model of Meng is an excellent kit but curiosly has a few defects that Tomas de la Fuente has detected and corrected. The article describes the process of an excellent finish with a superb painting, showing with all its splendor and beauty.
84.- Zouave.V. A., Scale 54mm
All modelers are well acquainted with the traditional modeling putty brands such as Milliput, A+B, Magic Sculp, Duro and so on, most of which are made by mixing two components. Juan Carlos Ávila Ribadas, a restless soul by nature, investigates with new modeling materials. In this article he is testing his skills with the Fimo putty brand, and judging by the results obtained he has done an outstanding job, proving that the products are not an issue; the hands which work with the product are.


There are tons and tons of video-tutorials about scale models, dispersed on the Net. But only a few are truly worth to watch. We select the best and only the best video-tutorials: building, detailing, painting, weathering, dioramas and more.

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