New Quick Setting cement from Tamiya

The Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (regular green cap) is perhaps to most know glue used by modelers. Tamiya announced a complementar new one, with a quicker setting time.

The jar jas again a green cap, with in a lighter tone, to remark that this cement is a "variation" of the older regular one.

I look forward to test it, because i quicker setting time would be of great help. At the moment the Gunze Blue Cap thin cement offers a quicker setting time of the regular Tamiya one, but at the price of a little less effective bond, so if this new products mix both the plus would be great.

From the Tamiya website:

★This new products has a quicker setting time than standard Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. ★This cuts the amount of time used in constructing models, and has the advantage of a cleaner finish. ★The bottle cap features a handy applicator brush.



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