Airplanes in Scale II - The Greatest Guide-Jets

Acción Press
Airplanes in Scale II - The Greatest Guide-Jets
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200 pages A4 format in English or Spanish
Step by step explanations, grat images, wonderful models, monographic subject
Not easy to find in stores, but you can order it on internet:
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If jets are a subject on your stash, don't miss this book


Jets are a very peculiar subject: usually they are less weathered and in better conditions than WWII birds, and the presence of the... jets requires that the modeler uses a dedicated approach in rendering them properly.
After the volume dedicated to the WWII planes, the Spanish editor Acción Press new guide to these birds of the modern age.
The reader hungry to learn new techniques and precious tricks, will find here a precious source of informations.
As in the former edition, the book is printed in 200 high quality paper in A4 format (21x30 cm, the standard for european print shops) to reveal in all their beauty the many many images the surround the text.
Thanks to these images, we can follow step by step any moment of the building: assembling, painting, weathering.
We can choose two different editions: English or Spanish, for a worldwide audience.

Here the full index of the volume:

2.- MIG-21 BIS
A record breaking fighter
26.- BAe Harrier GR. 7A
A pioneer of the skies
54.- Northrop F-5N
Know your foe
80.- Sukhoi SU Su-33 Sea Flanker
The Russian eagle
118.- SEPECAT Jaguar A
Jaguars in the sand
152.- Motor RD-33 (MIG-29)
A new generation
160.- F-14A TOMCAT
Remember, boys, no points for second place
196.- Summary of processes and techniques
199.-Subject Index
200.- Biography


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