BT902 UMM - Rivet Master - Beading Tool

BT902 UMM - Rivet Master - Beading Tool
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In depth
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Allows you to precisely reproduce any kind of rivets
It takes longer to finish the rescribing rivets job
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Very useful not just for the rivets counters



Sanding makes the model looks better but... queit often deletes the precious rivets scribed in the plastic.

To fix this problem, many tools are available to reproduce the missing rivets. The most common tools are the cutting-wheel type of riveter: you aligne it with the missing line of rivets, and start to "roll" it on the surface.
I tried it, and i didn't like it. First it works great on wide, plain surfaces, like the wings. But when you get close to a join, like the one wings-fuseleage, it just cannot work: the circle where the rivets are indented simply cannot reach the angle. Second: i never felt comfortable with this tool... I always been afraid to easily destroy wide areas of mu job. Last bit not least: you haven't a big choice of sizes for your rivets, and all look the same.

So i looked around for other options, and i found this great tool.

As you can see from the image, it has a wooden handle that can accept any of the 24 cutting tools that range from #00 to #23: a truly wide range of sizes, to recreate any kind of rivets you can imagine. This tool is made from harden tool steel - org Switzerland.

You just place it on the surface, and gently press. If something goes wrong, just spread some putty or cyano, and sand just a very small area.

I suggest to use this tool in combination with a scribing template that includes also a template to space the rivets: in this way your job will be much more accurate.

If interested youu can find it on the UMM-USA store.



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