Special Winter Camo from Panzer Aces 51

Accion Press
Panzer Aces 51: special Winter Washes
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96 pages on quality A4 paper size
Monographic number: more a manual than a simple magazine!
Not so easy to find in the stores, but you can easily order it online
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Very recomended to any armor's fan!


In the last years Panzer Aces started to release some special monographic numbers, dedicated to specific subject. Personally I live very much this strategy, because I got a little used to the normal magazines, with the normal mix of quick articles about variegated builds.
Being a fan of the weathering, as the special section on our site can proof, when I saw that the last number of Panzer Aces was dedicated to a very specific subject like the Winter Washes or Camo, I coud not resist and I digged in the reading.

In the 96 pages printed in quality paper, you truly find like a sort of manual about the various approach that we can use to represent an armor in winter camo.
Each of these approaches has specific benefits (and cons, of course) and lead to a slightly different result: the various build present in the magazine show this very clearly, so you can decide which technique will best suits your needs.

As usual for this publisher, the magazine is printed or in English or in Spanish: you can choose your favored edition. In the English version, the texts are well translated, and you don't suffer any longer of some “not so accurate translations” as some years ago.

Consider that though in practice we are reading a manual, the price is still the one of a magazine, because the price is E 15,00.

If you don't find it at your favored store, you can order it online on the publisher website.

And now the full index:

2.- Cruiser Tank A-30 Challenger, scale 1/35
Juan Luis is an experienced modeler who executes his projects with lots of dedication, intent and mastery. His A-30 is no exception and is a seldom seen kit which has been dealt with resourcefulness in spite of being a difficult kit.
16.- Bison I, scale 1/35
I believe that we’ve all seen sometimes the famous period picture which has inspired Konrad Dzik to create this cumbersome self-propelled gun. It has been our Polish friend’s way of proving his worth, solving with his wits a complex P.E. assembly. We’re sure that he will offer us again in the future many more splendid works.
26.- T-34-76, Factory 183, scale 1/35
We are facing another case in which a photograph inspires the realization of a vehicle with a ground, in this case Roman Volchenkov recreates a T-34-76 in poor condition and without tracks that is being towed by a Tiger (not present in the scene).
38.- Marder III, scale 1/35
Another newcomer from Poland, Miroslaw has executed a beautiful albeit highly deteriorated winter camouflage. We will like to point out his extraordinary texture work on the lower areas of his vehicle and its settings.
48.- Crush this Bastard!!, scale 1/35
Wonderful diorama made by one of the best writers in the country. We offer you a most entertaining and complete article, where you will learn a lot of tricks and techniques. His work was awarded with a well-deserved silver medal in the last AMT festival.
68.- Modeling Lessons: Techniques for winter camouflage
We review here six easy techniques for doing your own winter camouflage, explained in a simple and intuitive fashion with a photographic step by step sequence. We don’t want to hear any more excuses; your next kit should be made with… a winter camouflage.
74.- Sdkfz 251/9, scale 1/35
Michel shows us with his vehicle the possibilities of washable paint and rescues the often frowned upon drybrush technique. This is an article with a surprise present. Watch for the Bidi code.
82.- Modeling Lessons: Tree stump in snow 2nd part.
Who better than a nature lover and an experienced modeler like Rodrigo for giving us the best advice and teachings for making snow on our dios? We feature here a detailed study of the best products for recreating snow and how to use these.




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