Super Sanding Blocks

Super Sanding Blocks
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building review
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last longing, make easier to keep the surface of your kit flat and even
Hard to use in very small and recessed aread
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Very recomended

Sanding is one of the parts of our hobby that I like. I find it relaxing, and i try to take all the time needed to "delete" all the seam lines on my models.

So it isn't strange that i have a big collection of sanding tools: sanding papers, sanding sticks, sanding sponges, of different brands and sizes (i think that the only tool missing on my sanding arsenal is the Flex O File).

So I was curious when i was on Facebook this new product for sanding. The owner of the Company, Anthony Goodman, was very kind, and sent to me a set for review.

So, the last weekend I took "Betty", an old Airfix BF 110 model more than 30 years old that I use for all my test, and I did my... sanding test.

What you get in the box

The packaging is a stiff small box, easy to ship and protecting well the "tablet" inside. When you open it, you find two small leaflets: one dedicated to the instructions, while the other one is a color's legenda about the various grits of the blocks.

Indeed, as you can see from the image, each block has a nice spot / circle engraved and colored in a different tint: in this way it is really easy to grab always the grit we need.

And then, the real stuff: 6 blocks in the shape of sort of small "tablets", plus a small cube of softer material to keep everything at its place in the box during shipping.

The grits are:

  • 80 grit for stock removal (dry only)
  • 180 for shaping
  • 220 for shaping
  • 320 for shaping
  • 400 for smoothing and polishing 
  • 600 for smoothing and polishing

Each block has the sanding surface on both the sides. The lateral sides are finely polished, to allow a comfortable handling. The size of the blocks is about 76 mm. x 37mm.

All the grits can be used for dry and wet sanding, with the only exception of the 80 grit, that is for removal only.

At work!

So, how they work? I was happily surprised to discover that thanks to their e flat and rigid shape, these blocks gives a true surface to sand against.This makes it easier to make or keep the surface of your kit flat and even.

If sometimes we experience troubles while trying to sand seams smoothly and evenly using traiditional sand paper or flexible sanding sticks, ending up with crooked surfaces or flat spots around curves, these blocks can truly help to avoid this problem.

With the different grids in the set, it is easy to quickly remove the material and then work it to a nice polished surface (though for an ultra polished surface, like the one needed to spray paints like Alklad, i would complete the job with an ultra fine grit, like the one offerend by the Micro Mesh polishing tissues).

The blocks have perfect 90 degree edges and corners for reaching tight spaces, tough sometimes for very tight spaces you still will have to use the traditional "rolled sanding paper".

Last but not least, these blocks are made to last long time: indeed as the instructions teach, they can be easily cleaned with an old brush.

I will not traw away my collection of sanding tool, but for sure these sanding blocks will be a very welcome and powerful addition to my arsenal of sanding weapons. Very recomended.

They can be bought for $ 20 (plus 10 of shipping) here:




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