A day in Normandy diorama

Here you can see a diorama in 1/35 scale that i made a couple of years ago.
The house is from the MiniArt range, the Sherman is from the Dragon range.

The diorama was completed with scratchbuilt details, like the small French posters, or the tree (some flocks were used for the leaves).

An American officer and a french girl, complete the scene. 
what are they doing on the door of the ruined building? Why the tank is parked here?  Each of us can find a different answer...



Harry Dente (not verified)
Thu, 10/10/2013 - 16:39

Nice finish and weathering, good composition but the Sherman itself has some errors.
From the ground up, the track shoes are pointing the wrong way, the chevrons should point towards the front of the tank, the bolt strip for the transmission housing looks on upside-down, the registration number is of a British vehicle (T number rather than USA serial), the mantlet is the narrow M34 rather than the wide M34A1, and is assembled wrongly to boot, perhaps upside down?-as the lifting rings are not in the right spot. The turret lacks the applique armor on the gunners side, and the commanders periscope is mounted upside-down, as the portion that should be on the inside of the hatch is standing up on the outside. Seems like a lot but honestly would be no trouble to correct.


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