Chevrolet 1957 150 Utility Sedan, Revell 1/24

The 150 Chevy Utility Sedan was a very popular car in the american 50′s.
The car was used for fleets, such as state governments or companies or police fleets.
In the kit is depicted the "utility" model, and this for two reasons: the lack of chromed fins and the missing back seat, substituted by a package platform.


142 are parts are present inside the top open box. Many are chromed; this car will really stand out with all its chrome finishes, but i strongly suggest to prime the chrome parts, and then to paint it on your favored finish, because the one printed on the parts by Revell looks to me not realistic.
I am not a cars modeler, so all what i can say about the quality of the molding, is that it seems to me a little crude, compared to the average standard presents in airplanes or armors.
The building was easier than how i expected, but -opposite as you do with tanks- i had to paint separately many sub-assemblies.
I used Gunze Aqueos glossy paints: they performed wonderful when airbrushed, and the result finish was excellent. The only problem is that they seems to be very sensitive to fingerprints: also wearing cotton gloves, i could not avoid some fingerprints, that were very hard to remove (also using some polishing Tamiya paste).


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