Bismark DKM Kriegsmarine battleship, Revell 1/350

Model, text and images by Jan Willem Kluen

Here it is, my first naval build ever and my first build after 25 year of absence from the hobby: the Revell 1:350 scale DKM Bismarck.

I started this build quite some time ago. During this there were a lot of distractions and hurdles that slowed down the progress, especially having my workshop away from home. But now it's finally done and I must say it's somewhat of a relieve to have completed this big project. And I'll tell you who's wife!

Last challenge was getting good pictures for this gallery. I am a beginner and still learning as a photographer, so it's not all that, to say the least. Also, I decided to get real close to the model to catch some of the detail using close-up filters. I know, this is like sticking my neck out and tightening the noose, as all my 'learning experiences' are clearly visible! In the end I used my Canon EOS 400D (with and without close-up filters) and my iPhone 3GS. I used the latter for the top-view pictures; I couldn't get my Canon setup correctly without interfering with the lighting.

I used Apple's Aperture software to get the overall look and 'color temperature' of the pictures to look the same. Enough said, here are the pictures...

This is my current setup:
Kit: Revell DKM Bismarck, 1:350 (#05040)
Add-ons: Eduard PE sets (#53035 and #53036, railings and turrets)
Glues: Revell Professional, CA (thin, medium and thick)
Paint: enamels by Revell (colournumbers according to Revell’s intructions, but some have been altered for better results)
Weathering: MIG pigments and Abteilung oilpaints
Airbrush: Revell Dual action airbrush (#39109) and Revell Compressor (#39138)

If you like, you can have also a look at the building journal that you can find here



Tue, 03/04/2014 - 13:00

You have crafted a superb example of Bismark. Congratulations to you and to your wife for her patience.


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