Hanomag Sdkfz 251 Normandy 1944 dio, Tamiya 1/35

Model, diorama text and images by Richard Adams

I have built armour before a long time ago and thought i would have a wander back into the "Darkside" again. Only this time I would be more adventurous and build my first ever Diorama. After looking at the work that has been created by others in this field I ventured to create a small scene in Normandy. It has taken me over two months to complete and was a test to my patience. It Is a sdkfz 251 with crew and Gendarmerie.

The kits used are:

Tamiya Hanomag Sdkfz 251 oob
Miniart Village road with ruined building
2x Resin figures(can't remember the manufacturer)
Various scatter mixes.

Paints are mostly Tamiya colours but the lampost was painted in the metalizer colour of dark iron(mr metal color) and the middle part was scratch built with brass rod. The floor was scratch built with balsa wood and coated with burnt umber oil paint. The smoke blackened interior is black,grey and brown pastels. I also used pastels to weather the outside of the building. The rest of the weathering is done with mig pigments.



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