1/35 Mirror Models Indian 741B Motorcycle VIDEO Build

The great modeler Carlos Costa proposes us a full VIDEO Build, professionally recorded, of an unusual subject: a motorcycle from the WWII (Spanish audio with Eng. subs)

Flex-I-File sanding tool: how it works? VIDEO review

On the market is available a tool called Flex-I-File, that claims to be the ultimate weapon for sanding surfaces, over all tubolar, without to "flat" them. But how it works? 

Star Trek and aztec masking: 2 VIDEO tutorials

When painting Star Trek ships, soo or later you will have to deal with aztec, their unique color's pattern. I selected 2 videos showing how to deal with it

Advanced Tips: add Flowers to your diorama Tutorial

Yes, we are talking about flowers... but flowers inside your diorama, to add the ultimate touch to it. Forget the brand used in the VIDEO; the basics are the same with any scale, any brand...



There are tons and tons of video-tutorials about scale models, dispersed on the Net. But only a few are truly worth to watch. We select the best and only the best video-tutorials: building, detailing, painting, weathering, dioramas and more.

We just finished to tag all the videos in our archives, and the first results is here: a selection of tutorials about the weathering in scale models: all what you need to know to give to your models the perfect dirty or dusty or rusty look!