Advanced Tips: painting 1/76 WW2 German Infantry 3 VIDEO

Painting infantry miniatures in 1/76 scale is not easy at all. This video tutorial professionally edited, in 3 parts for a total of about one and half hours, will show you the full process.

Advanced Tips: scratchbuilding interior details VIDEO Tutorial

Some little added details to the interios of our models can greatly improve their look. And quiet often it is enough some plasticard, some cements, and over all some patience. As this VIDEO Tutorial shows to us...

How to get mad with tweezer and .50 shells VIDEO

Even the best modelers get in troubles when it is time to deal with microscopic parts. So if you get frustrated when dealing with small parts and tweezer, check out this "behind the scenes" and what happen to the most experienced modeler... :)

Advanced Tips: winter washing a tank VIDEO Tutorial

In just 15 minutes you will see all the steps needed for a masterwork winter wash of your next model. Don't miss this VIDEO Tutorial to improve your skill !

Back to the basics: Weathering The Cockpit VIDEO Tutorial

The cockpit is the first area that we look at, when watching a model. It is not enough to paint it: for the best results we should also weathering it, and this VIDEO Tutorial will show you all the basic steps.

Back to the basics: armors wheel paintbrush chipping

Hairspray gives wonderful results with the chippings. But some parts still requires the classic chipping with the paintbrush! In this VIDEO Tutorial we will see how to apply them in the best way on an tank's wheel.

Modelling Stowage on Tanks and AFVs

Stowage naturally lying can truly improve your model. Look in this great Video Tutorial how it is enough some putty and some patience for astonishing results.



There are tons and tons of video-tutorials about scale models, dispersed on the Net. But only a few are truly worth to watch. We select the best and only the best video-tutorials: building, detailing, painting, weathering, dioramas and more.

We just finished to tag all the videos in our archives, and the first results is here: a selection of tutorials about the weathering in scale models: all what you need to know to give to your models the perfect dirty or dusty or rusty look!