Weathering made easy

There are tons and tons of video-tutorials about scale models, dispersed on the Net. But only a few are truly worth to watch. We select the best and only the best video-tutorials: building, detailing, painting, weathering, dioramas and more.

We just finished to tag all the videos in our archives, and the first results is here: a selection of tutorials about the weathering in scale models: all what you need to know to give to your models the perfect dirty or dusty or rusty look!


Vallejo AFV Painting System Red Oxide set

Color Modulation is getting more and more popular, not only for the normal camo, but also to reproduce the tank before the painted camo.

Meng Personal Carrier Achzarit full build tutorial

Professionally filmed, this turorial shows us the Spanish modeler Jose Moral building and painting the Israel Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Achzarit Early Building.

Back to Basics: DryBrushing like a Pro video-tutorial

Dry-Brushing is one of the basic and most important techniques in our hobby. This quick and great tutorial from the guys of FineScale summarize all you need to know.

Instruments to create wired tools on armors

Grab handles molded in plastic often aren't so perfect and good looking, and can be usef to substitute them with some made with bend wiring. Some dedicated tools can help in the operation.

True Earth White Wash: how does it work?

There is a new competitor for the AK WhiteWash, and it is the one produced by the Italian company True Earth. Let's see how does it work with this quick tutorial.

Diorama World: Burned Airbus 320 Model and Dio

An unusual project: a civil airliner crashed and burned, for a 2 parts video tutorial: the first dedicated to the model, the 2nd to the diorama.

Advanced Tips: Adding texture to the tank's surface

When it comes time to add texture to the tank's surfaces, the product of choice ofr many modelers is Mr. Hobby. How to use it properly for this task?

The new Easy Link metal tracks: easier to assemble?

On the arena of metal tracks there is a new competitor, and he promises an easier way than FriulModel to assemble them. Judige by yourself in this tutorial.

Dio World: the Merkava 1/72 diorama step by step

In 12 minutes from scratch to this great diorama: step by step the making of Merkava 1/72 diorama.


USN Stencil Application

Wanna make your own mask for the USN WWII marks? Here a easy application: type your text, choose the size, and print it...


Extreme Weathering-Building and Painting

If you like the weathering, you will find very useful this new book dedicated to an in depth presentation of all the weathering techniques.

Airplanes in Scale - The Greatest Guide (EN)

A great volume dedicated to the WWII fighters, with some of the most amazing builds I have ever seen. A very usefull resource for any modeler.

Landscapes of War - The Greatest Guide Dioramas

A full review of this very interesting volume about Dioramas: to the usal images, i added also a short video to show you the contents with no copyright infringement.

RAF WWII Colors Table equivalent FS RGB CMYK

A complete color chart of the RAF WWII colors. I checked it, and the match seems good. The RGB equivalent, allows you to "explain" a color to other people...

Iwata Power Jet Air Compressor Review

Our friend Jason, on his weekly show this time offers us a very interesting review of the Iwata Power Jet compressor, one of the best compressor for airbrush that you can find on the market.