Water Effects for Diorama: the great collection

There are tons and tons of video-tutorials about scale models, dispersed on the Net. But only a few are truly worth to watch. We select the best and only the best video-tutorials: building, detailing, painting, weathering, dioramas and more.

We kept tagging our collection of video tutorials, and following the request of many of you, here it is a selection of tutorials about the Water Effects in scale models: all what you need to know to bring to life and make murmur the water in your dio!


Diorama World - Jungle ambush, the Pacific. Making of

This is truly an amazing dio, with great vegetation and terrain. In just 4 minutes you will see all the steps of its making.

Review - Airfix Nakajima B5N2 Kate 1-72

Airfix kits always have a special appeal for older modelers, and when a new and great one come on the shelves, it is a pleasure!

Advanced Tips: Painting Mottling Without an Airbrush

This is a great idea! Discover in just 59 seconds how to paint a convincing mottling with no airbrush!

Diorama World: How to Create Ruin Wall Section Terrain

Need a small wall section of wall in ruins for your diorama? This nice video tutorial gives a quick recipe.

Tamiya Fine Craft Saws Vs Airwaves Razor Saws Review

A saw can be useful in many occasions, and there are many made just for our hobby. P. Flory reviews the one from Tamiya and the one from Airwaves.

Vallejo Air War Color Series Review by FloryModels

Following the current trend, also Vallejo has released its own range of colors sets. P. Flory did a great review of them...

Diorama World - How to model muddy tracks or roads

Kathy shows us how to model a very convincing track or small road in muddy conditions: a great idea for your next diorama.

Trumpeter 1/72nd Wellington MKIII bomber review

I have this kit on my stash since some years, so i found very useful the review of this not so common kit with interesting features.

Seam Line Scraper Tools review by FloryModels

P. Flory reviews in depth this set of tools for removing seam line scraper and how to use them at best.


Wire Diameters in Gauges, Inches, Millimiter conversion Table

Working with some wires and getting mad converting Gauges (the measurement unit used for the diameters of wires) in Inches or Millimiters?  This conversion table is what you need.

Special Winter Camo from Panzer Aces 51

A wonderful monographic new number from Panzer Aces, fully dedicated to the Winter Washes. Read the full review with plenty of images.

Painting Guide for modern US Troops Iraq 2007

The illustration on the Alpine Miniature box can be very helpful to properly paint a miniature of 3rd Strikier Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Iraq 2007.

BT902 UMM - Rivet Master - Beading Tool

If you want the best rivets around, this is the tool to go with. Read the full review.

Airplanes in Scale II - The Greatest Guide-Jets

For all the jet's fans, the most complete guide about building, painting and weathering, with detailed step by step explanation

USN Stencil Application

Wanna make your own mask for the USN WWII marks? Here a easy application: type your text, choose the size, and print it...


WOOD and more

The beauty of Henry VIII's Mary Rose warship is back !

The 16th-Century Mary Rose warship is on display at a museum in Portsmouth, England, after 34 years of restoration.

Attaching shrouds to model ships Video-Tutorial

J Brent presents us a very interesting method of rigging shrouds along with their deadeyes and chain plates.

How to make a Wood Strip Cutter with little money

To cut balsa wood strips the Wood Strip Cutter is the perfect tool, and this video show us how to build an effective one in a few steps with very little money.

Cleaning Scratches and Smudges of a Ship Hull

In this video Leon will show us how to properly clean smudges or scratches from the smooth surface of a Ship's Hull.

Amati Model Spanish Coca unboxing review

Unboxing review of the Amati Model kit of a carrack, or Spanish coca, is a type of ship built in the XV century and it was widely used as merchant ship. This is a perfect kit for the beginners.

Making model gun carriages for old sailing ships

For the modelers loving to take care and scratchbuild each single detail, here a step by step procedure for making very small cannon carriages.