FAQ VOL 2 by Mig Jimenez

Mig Jimenez - AK Interactive
F.A.Q. 2
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304 pages on quality glossy paper A4 format
Great source of inspiration, astonishing models; a complete resource about weathering
Too much "indrect advertising" of AK products
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Mig Jimenez is perhaps the most famous modeler on the world; his F.A.Q. 1 book opened a new era in the weathering approach. Is this second volume worthy as the first one?
When i read the first volume, some years ago, I was truly impressed: so many different techniques, wonderfully illustrated in a book that was truly a sort of encyclopedia about painting and weathering armors.
So when a couple of years ago the new book of Jimenez was published, I ordered it.
In the Author's intentions, this new volume should improve the quality of the images, present the various topics in a more generalized way and less FAQ specific style; introducing new themes and present new materials.

The book is truly printed in luxury paper and all the images are well ordered in a clear layout (albeit a little rigid and monotone, at least for my tastes of graphic designer).
The quality of the models used to illustrate the various methods is outstanding.
The volume is organized in various main sections:

Painting Techniques
Paint for accessories
Simple dioramas
Model gallery

On these pages you can find everything you need to know about painting and weathering your AFV vehicles: all the techniques that i saw around in the last 20 years are presented in a clean way.

A special merit note should go to the diorama section, where in a decent number of pages are illustrated the foundation for a good composition of your dio, and not just hot to paint it.

These the plus. But are there minus too? Partly yes, in my opinion.
The first thing that i didn't like is the obsessive referring to the AK Interactive products for every possible job. I like these products, but i think that Jimenez pushed too much his hand, in presenting these product. I guess if he is still happy of this choice, after the divorce happened in november 2013 of Jimenez and AK Interactive (and this can be a lesson for Mig: less indirect advertising, more contents).

That said the book is an excellent one; perhaps if you already own the first F.A.Q. this new one will be not so appealing, because many of the subject presented are the same. But in any case the models are new, and each image in the book teaches something about how to turn your model in a masterwork.



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