ICM P-51 B 1/48 with small display base

I must say that i am not a fan of ICM kits: in the past i had some not so pleasant experiences with them, so I was a little worried when started this kit.

But this time things were much better. don't expect a fit like a glove like with a Tamiya kit, but at least things were together reasonably well, and as in most ICM kits detail was very good.

Here you can see the box and the sprues. As usual contruction started with the interior. I planned to do a very weathered birds, so also the cockpit needed to show traces of vorn conditions. On the instruments panel i used some gloss varnish on the instruments display. At the beginning i planned to place inise the included pilots, but then i changed my mind and i scartch-builded some seat belts.

Wings needed some help to be properly glued. Then i primed the model, painted in alumimium, applied hairspray, airbrushed the white, chipped, and masked the white strips. Similar process on the lower part, but with no white and with pre-shading. After painting the olive drab (again here too i used pre-shading), i masked one panel and painted it alumium, to simulate a panel just substitued on the field. 
As first layer for the weathering, i airbrushed a thin coat of tamiya enamel sand, and then i worked it well with a flat brush just a little wet of white spirit.

Then i continued adding washes and oil's spills.

For the display base, as i do quiet often, i used the kristal case of an old compact disk, airbrushed it in gray, added a small yellow strip and some weather in form of washes.

And here the final result:


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