VALLEJO Acrylic Aerosol Varnish

Varnishes in the spray cans
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Easy to use (no mess with the airbrush), good and robust finish
The matt finish is not a dead flat matt

Company: Vallejo
Item: acrylic aerosol varnishes in the can 
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Advantages: they give an even finish with no need to load your airbrush
Disadvantages: the matt varnish is not so matt like the Dullcote
Final verdict: a very useful weapon the modeler's arsenal. Very recomended

Vallejo is a Spanish company well know to the modelers community: they have several different ranges of true acrylics paints formulated for the specific needs of the modelers.

They also have a complete ranges of complementary products, like the varnishes: in small flacons, or in aerosol cans.

The aerosol can has a great advantage: you don't need to load (and later clean) your airbrush to evenly apply it, but just take the can, and apply it to your model.

I use them almost daily, and i have the 3 formulations provided:

Glossy: it is an escellent glossy, I would say glossier than Future. Also, it has very excellent sealing power.

Satin: is the one that i use less, just sometime on armours to seal some paint jobs. It give you a nice sating look.

Matt: although not so matt like the testor Dullcote, it still provide a good matt finish. For the best results, it is better to spray it not to close to the model.

All the 3 varnishes dry fast. The glossy one provided (over all if applied in two steps) a very strong protection to the underneath paint.

Last but not least, the price: about 15 euros for a 400 ml can, that will last for many models.


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