Accion Press: Model Laboratory No 2-Junkers Ju-88 A-4

Accion Press
Modelismo Model Laboratory No 2: Junkers Ju-88 A-4, Gerbini (Sicily) 1942
Review Type: 
First look
Contents & Media: 
Soft sover, 38 pages A4 format
The volume present a very detailed step by step build
Some details of the build are omitted
Final verdict: 
Great monography useful for all the airplanes modellers

Model Laboratory is a spin-off of the spanish magazine Euro Modelismo.
The volume is an amazing quality photo presentation of the construction, detailing, painting and weathering of the 1/48 scale Dragon Junkers JU-88 A-4 kit, presented in a original camo scheme in use in Sicily (Gerbini airport), using RLM 71/72/65 with an overspray of RLM 79 and 65.

38 pages in A4 format, with 187 images, are presented to the reader.
The author shows what aftermarket accessories are used, together with a clear colors chart that presents the RLM paint codes and how to obtain these by mixing Tamiya paints.

Also illustrated are the masking methods used, as well as various post shading techniques and the hairspray technique to create paint chipping.
With a tag price of € 7.00 this book is for sure a must-have.

It can be ordered to the publisher website.


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