TankArt 2 Allied Armors by Michael Rinaldi

Rinaldi Studio Press
Tank Art 2 WWII Allied Armor - by Michael Rinaldi
Review Type: 
first look
Contents & Media: 
8.5" x 9.5", 208 pages, softcover on high-quality book paper
Amazin quality of the builds, clear text, useful captions, great images
Some of the techniques presented were already illustrated in TankArt 1
Final verdict: 
an unvaluable guide to painting and weathering Allied armors. A must have.

Last year Mike published with his Rinaldi Studio Press imprint, the volume Tank Art 1 – WWII German Armor.

After the world famous FAQ by Miguel Jimenez, this book was perhaps the most important volume dedicate to painting and weathering armors, and it has been reviewed by all the major websites and modeler magazines.

This year Rinaldi is back with the most logical continuation of his work, with a new book dedicated to the WWII Allied armors.
Olive Drab and its endless tones is the "star" of this volume.
The book comes on 208 pages of glossy, high-grade paper between its soft covers. There are 5 models featured inside, 4 dedicated technique chapters, plus a special bonus figure modeling chapter. 
500 amazing images lead the reader in a well detailed step by step process.

The five models illustrated are a Churchill Mk.III in weathered Russian whitewash, an M26 Pershing, a Char B1bis (Marseille), a Sherman Firefly Mk.Vc and a KV-1s Ehkranami.
Some of the topics presented are Heavy mud and weathering, Overall Olive Drab, Distressed winter whitewash, Hard-edged camouflage schemes.




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