Hotchkiss tank German version, Trumpeter 1/35

The French tank Hotchkiss H35 or Char léger modèle 1935 H was developed before the burning of the Second World War. It had lighter armor and more powerful engine than the Renault R35, but the the same armament.

The French Army used both the tanks, but the Renault proved to be much more popular. Indeed, the light armor of the Hotchkiss H35, amde it not suitable in the role of infantry support tank, and the vehicle could be better employed by the mechanized units. At the beginning of the WWII 1200 of these tanks were ready to service.
The Hotchkiss H35 proved well against the Germans, but its armament was not adequate to compete against Nazis tanks. More: the French strategy dictated the use of tanks as infantry support, and not as armors to be used in large formations. This gratly reduces the effectiveness of the Hotchkiss.
When the French surrendered, Germans re-deployed the captured Hotchkiss, with some modification to adapt them to their new roles.
One of these roles was as rocket launcher, and this is the tank depicted in the Trimpeter 1/35 scale kit.

The Kit is for sure not the state of the art: flash is present, fitting is far from perfection, and often instruction are vague.
Nevertheless I enjoyed to complete this model, adopting for it a gray and brown camo scheme, that is a little different from the usual German camo schemes.
The rockets on the side of the hull, with their wooden cages, give the final touch to this unusual subject.


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