Do you have a Ship model to review?

My modeling time is mostly devoted to WWII airplanes and tanks.
Ships (from sailing to carriers) are a subject still to explore for me.
Do you have a kit of a ship that you would like to review? Or even better, a building review to share with your friends? Please, contact me: i will give you all the informations about how to send your materials (text and photos) and I will add your reviews in this section.

Happy modeling !



There are tons and tons of video-tutorials about scale models, dispersed on the Net. But only a few are truly worth to watch. We select the best and only the best video-tutorials: building, detailing, painting, weathering, dioramas and more.

We just finished to tag all the videos in our archives, and the first results is here: a selection of tutorials about the weathering in scale models: all what you need to know to give to your models the perfect dirty or dusty or rusty look!