F4U-4 Corsair Late Version, HobbyBoss 1/48

F4U-4 Corsair Late Version
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Building Review
Contents & Media: 
Styrene, 300+ parts (11 clear) on 12 sprues
Engine with fine detail, good engineering, affordable prize
Some more details in the cockpit could be a nice option
Final verdict: 
Very recomended

Model, text and images by Jeff Angus

I am going to do the recently released 1:48th Hobby Boss F4U-4 Corsair. The kit looks rather nice in the box with finely engraved panel lines but has an issue with the flaps that I have read about on the net so will treat these parts with some caution. Kit will be done as a machine from the Marines on board USS Boxer in 1952. Anyway here are the pre build shots. Not sure if any aftermarket stuff available yet but have some leftover etched parts for the weapons from my current P-51 build for the rockets or bombs so will make some use of these as the Mustang will have drop tanks.
Nice artwork on the box top.

Well I have finally taken my sprue cutters to this one and made a start. I am building her out of the box but with the addition of etched seatbelts. Anyway lets not waste more time on with the pics.
Section 1 in all its glory - if only I had looked at them closely following a late night in the cave!!!!
plastic has been cut and a start made to the assembly
Below is where I made a slight error and did not notice till the next day (and cement had dried properly)
I stupidly stuck the small plastic part that fits in the hole on the left side of the console in the WRONG WAY Doh!!!! Never a good idea at 2am when you have completely lost track of time and needing bed!!
Lesson learned for my F-111 build and small etched parts!!!!!
I thought I would do more damage trying to remove the part so have just left it.
A good join was achieved this way.

Attention turned to the engine parts.
Now there has been some issue with the wings supplied in this kit. Apparently initial batches were sent with the wrong parts being picked for packaging.
At this point I really must say how brilliant Creative Models were in getting me the parts. I sent an Email late Thursday evening and received the parts in along with an order I made on Friday and received everything together on Saturday - firstly next day delivery and secondly attention to detail in combining with the order when I made no mention of it - possibly the best service I have had!!! If anyone else has this kit and has the wrong parts contact the distributer in your country and they will send the parts.
Filling some pin marks and a hole drilled in error.

Meanwhile back at the engine...
Having spent a while giving the exhaust a burnished look its isn't too noticeable in the pics and is obscured when in situ!!
Starting to come together.

Painted and decals on; I have now finished her and am happy with the way she has turned out.

Working on weathering.

Job Done - a lovely kit to work with and no real vices will post up more pics of completed bird shortly.





Kostas kavvathias (not verified)
Thu, 11/14/2013 - 16:43

Dear Jeff, thank you very much for the nice comments about the box art image! I have painted this one along with 34 other ones, plus a few more that will be released in future!!
Keep up the good work in modelling fields!!!
Regards, Kostas Kavvathias


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