New IAR 81-C from FRROM in 1/32

FROOM Azur Model has realesed some new about their incoming IAR 81-C in 1/32 scale.
From the Company website:

Progresses: the first test shots in resin show the model had some possibilities of improvement, we are now going for them (for example, the wheels wells will be molded with the lower half wing, this will reinforce wings and ensure the correct dihedral angle, as was done by MPM in 1/32 nd Caudron 714 kit). The next resin test shot should be available around mid August, then we will cut the molds. We choose to release later rather than having the modellers go themselves for improvements ...

The IAR 80/81 fighter was used by ARR (Royal Rumanian Airforce) during WWII. Only home designed fighter put in service by Rumania during the conflict, it was built in impressive numbers for the country (450 units).

This plane was used first against Soviet Union. Tooking part in the defence of Ploisti oil complexes, it fought the US Liberators and Lightnings. Then, after the coup of August 1944, 23 rd, the IAR 80s were engaged against Germany and Hungary with the Soviet Union, until German capitulation.

=> for camouflages and decals, please have a look at the IAR 81-C dedicated page

The last version, IAR 81-C, although designed for dive bombing, was almost exclusively used in the fighter role.

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Note: all IAR 81-C from 300 to 450 were produced after introduction of the olive green topsides / light grey blue undersides. Profiles of such planes with standard dark brown and dark green camouflage on top, light blue undersides would have to be taken with care.


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