Incoming ME-163B "Komet" 1/32 by Meng

Meng announces a new incoming kit: the Komet in 1/32 scale!
We got this infos from the Meng's Facebbok page:

The Me-163B “Komet” was the world’s only operational rocket-powered interceptor that ever joined combat and shot down enemy aircrafts. It had tremendous speed and climb rate thanks to its unique power source. So it’s used to intercept the allied bombers deep into Europe and Germany. However, due to the aircraft’s short loiter time and extremely high speed, the only wing (Jagdgeschwader) equipped with Me-163B just shot down 9 enemy aircrafts during WWII. Just like its nickname “Komet”, the Me-163B flashed across the sky of the history, leaving behind a bright light.

This 1:32 scale QS-001 Me-163B model kit is MENG’s first successful large scale aircraft project. The model is 178mm in length and 292mm in wingspan. This kit consists of 190 parts on 7 plastic sprues, 23 parts on 2 PE frets, 3 rubber tyres and 2 poly caps.

This QS-001 model faithfully replicates the small tail-less shape of Me-163B. Two different weapon systems, MG 151/20 and MK 108 are provided. Subassemblies like complete HWK 109-509A rocket engine, T-Stoff tank and ammunition box are included. Many hatches can be built either in open or closed position. Model fuselage breakdown refers to the structure of real aircraft. No cement is needed to join the front and rear parts of the fuselage. A support frame is provided to show interior details. Three painting schemes are provided.

Modelers will surely have brand-new experience of building this large scale fighter model which has full interiors.


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