Vosper 73' Type 1 MTB, Airfix 1/72

Model, text and images by Tony Cooke

A very pleasurable build despite the age of the kit. Took about 2 weeks to build 

Kit manufacture: Airfix
Scale: 1/72
Type: Vosper MTB
Extras used: Eduard PE for the Revell Vosper MTB (different type of MTB but some nice common bits can be used), Great Little Ships 18' Torpedo set (I opened one of the tubes up and put a complete torpedo on the deck)
Great Little Ships Oerlikon 20mm cannon (and associated base plate) - perfect fit to replace Airfix one, Mini world M2 .50 cal Brownings and Lewis guns. Absolutely superb details!! For the price, they are exceptional.
Paints and colours used: Tamiya Dark Sea grey, IJN grey and medium grey. Mig pigments and water colours to weather.
Scratch built:
Smoke generator (cylinder type object on rear port deck)
Rigging and aerials
Mast detail - redid the radar antennas and basket dipole
Added detail to the torpedo tubes, bridge area and railings
Made new windscreens from thin clear acetate.
PE storage boxes around deck
Detailed Carley float with a bit of string and added oars.
Added a bit or rope around life buoys.
Made all the various mooring lines out of string and weathered.
Various bits of cabling.
2 bits of brass tubing screwed to bases.

Since taking the photos, I've weathered down the .50 cal ammunition belts and placed the boat in a lovely perspex case with oak base.



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